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Screencaps of Ronald Weasley 3-4/?

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"I’ve already told you!” Hermione said very angrily. "I’m going with someone else!" And she stormed off toward the girls’ dormitories again.

"She’s lying," said Ron flatly, watching her go.

"She’s not,” said Ginny quietly.

"Who is it then?" said Ron sharply.

"I’m not telling you, it’s her business," said Ginny.


#literally FUCK. YOU. #i don’t understand why people like my brother think snape is still a good guy #this is him sifting through harry’s memories #the ones that mean the most to him his parents and sirius #and hes happy in these memories #and snape invades them and perverts them with his scowl and prescence #a grown man enjoying toying with an abused childs happy place #hp


once you’ve become a snake, you’re one of ours—one of the e l i t e.

waking means being angry (x)

"Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you need of him. How else could you produce that particular Patronus? Prongs rode again last night… you know, Harry, in a way, you did see your father last night… You found him inside yourself."
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